Sanjana's 2020 Hero is Sagar Raut, her husband

Sanjana says: "What an unprecedented year it has been for all of us. While none of us had any idea about the pandemic hitting us earlier this year, we all were living our lives the way they were. I know about this guy who, since 20th March 2020, has been doing his bit to help people and spreading joy and awareness non-stop. I have seen him reinvent himself whilst helping others. While recording hundreds of videos and uploading them daily on his social media, rautwrites has tried to ensure that people around him are abreast with the current COVID-19 situation and the developments around it. I have seen him tirelessly work towards every bit that he could do, from writing poems that tell stories of COVID warriors, welfare workers, daily wagers, migrants, helping people find job opportunities during this phase of heavy unemployment to creating silent donations in the best capacity. He assisted patients with finding beds in hospitals, receiving necessary injections and even connected plasma donors with infected patients. Along with me in the house, we've both managed a toddler, juggling household chores and getting familiar with the 'work from home' culture. In between all the chaos in his personal life, he made time to spread smiles around challenging the adversities. I'm so proud of his man. This year isn't over yet and I hope to see him going only onwards and upwards with all his passion projects.