Saminathan's 2020 Hero is Sundaram

Children's tree: In Metro nagar, First avenue, Alapakkam, Chennai - 600116 My friend Mr. Sundaram, aged 65, decided to spend his time encouraging children during this pandemic. To cheer the students, he decorated a tree growing near his home. An important fact is that he decorated the tree using waste material and damaged material thrown out by residents.
The tree looks very beautiful, and attracts many children everyday. Mr. Sundaram educates the children and encourages them to be confident. He asks them to lose their fear and climb the tree, engaging them in an activity that makes them happy and forget their worries about the virus.
The tree attracts people of all age groups, and everyone who crosses the tree stops for a while and asks about its significance. They also take photos along with their children.
We are very lucky to have this tree, which is safe to climb for children. Mr. Sundaram is a retired officer from the Income Tax Department in Chennai. We, the residents of Metro Nagar, convey our respects to him for his sincere efforts.
Mr. Sundaram is our Hero. #my 2020hero