Abhishek's 2020 Hero are the Sanitary Workers

Abhishek says: "In India, the people who handle our waste are invisible; we do not know them and do not acknowledge their role in our society. We don't know where they come from and what their livelihood is like. We see them on the streets picking up plastic, bottles, plotlines, etc. They carry the waste carelessly thrown by us on their backs. One day, I was going somewhere in Nawada, Delhi with my brother-in-law Saurabh. I saw some people who were living in a slum made of plastic. Some children were playing there, while some men and women were segregating waste material. I went near the slum and decided to make a photo documentary, hoping to raise my voice for their basic needs such as water, education, and health. Through this photo documentary, I would like to attract government and public attention towards their basic needs.