Adaleru's 2020 Hero is his Cat, Pollard

Adaleru says: "Today, I saw my mom buying fish outside our home with a cat beside her. I saw her sitting at our doorstep talking to the cat, pampering her and letting her sleep peacefully on her lap. I recalled how my mom felt about pets a few months back. She was one of those people who never entertained the idea of having a pet. And then one day, this cat came home meowing, and to my surprise she started feeding him. From not letting him in to allowing him to sleep on the bed, the change was gradual but gratifying. Now, he's always inside, playing, sleeping and eating, but mostly staying by my mom's side. Pollard is my hero for changing my mom from a person who was averse to the idea of pets to a pet mom who is unable to spend a single day without him!