Anirudh's 2020 Hero is his Brother

Anirudh says: "My brother is my hero! 2020 was a tough year for everyone out there battling their own wars during the quarantine. I too had a tough time being at home, having nothing to do as I had just completed 12th and college hadn't started yet. My brother was the only person who helped me out when my parents bailed on me. Or should I say brothers if I consider my pet dog as one too? My pet was a great companion. We had so much fun together. My brother was the one who helped me throughout the quarantine and kept me engaged with something or the other. I was depressed most of the time, and playing with my brother and pet was my only escape from reality. One beautiful evening, all of us went to the terrace and I wanted to take some photos. That's when I captured this beautiful candid moment, when my brother was talking to my pet. It was a lovely moment. The moment might have gone but every time I see this photo, I relive all those beautiful moments and the times we spent together :')