Simi's 2020 Hero is Ayyamma, her Household Help

Simi says: "Ayyamma, as she is called, is #my2020hero. More of a family member than our household help for 20 years now, she is a woman who holds an iron will behind that warm smile of hers!! She singlehandedly brought up her kids. Her younger son, who was an AC mechanic, died by electrocution this year. He was to be married soon, but fate was cruel. She is old and supports her elder son's whole family and grandkids as he is unwell. Now with her earning son gone, she still continues her daily chores with an iron heart. Turns up to my house every single day. I sometimes feel selfish, but then I admit that I can't do without her, for she's our magic wand and we can't imagine our lives without her. If there was any award for househelps, it would undoubtedly go to our Ayyamma!