Suryodoy's 2020 Hero is Dr. Biswas

Suryodoy says: "Meet Dr. Biswas. He is in charge of the health unit which manages the deadly pandemic in a remote mountainous district 1000 miles away from his home. He is also a loving father and a wonderful husband to a wife who waits for him while he performs his duties diligently day after day, in the remotest parts of the nation. I have worked alongside him, and even on the toughest of days I haven't seen him complain about his troubles. A budding photographer, a great cook and an adventure seeker, he has a lot of feathers in his cap. Most importantly, he is a great human being. As evidence of his humbleness, his phone never stops ringing and yet he answers every call, letting every distressed caller heave a sigh of relief. My friend, philosopher and guide, Dr. Biswas is truly #My2020Hero!