Manoj's 2020 Hero is John Lalchhuanawma

Manoj says: "Lockdown companion: John Lalchhuanawma is an art student from Mizoram. He came to Santiniketan to pursue his master's degree at Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University. Due to the sudden announcement of the lockdown in 2020, he had to leave his hostel immediately and he came to me to stay with me. At the time, I was staying alone in a rented house at Santiniketan, so I got very good company from him. We stayed and cooked food together. In parallel, we also exchanged our food cultures. Somehow, this friendship gave me the strength to fight depression, anxiety and bad situations during COVID. I can say that John is my hero of 2020 because of the mental and financial support he gave me. I have been practicing Ambrotype for two years now, and clicked this image during the lockdown.