Akshay's 2020 Hero is his Grandmother

Akshay says: "A hero is someone who is selfless, generous in spirit, stands with you on your darkest days, and most importantly, someone who deeply cares. For me, it's my Grandma. Since my mother passed away, she has been taking care of me. I moved to Mumbai for work, but she is always with me in spirit. Since the lockdown started, I've found a way to get to my Grandma's place. As it is said, you never outgrow your Grandma's arms. She has been relentlessly taking care of me, even though I'm the one who should be taking care of her. Since the lockdown was a hard time for all of us, I've been continuously working from home and couldn't help her much with all her chores including cooking, cleaning, washing and more. I could only go to shop for essentials. But she never complained. Instead, she smiled and cooked all my favorite delicacies to cheer me up. This year she turned 75, but her energy feels like that of someone who just turned 18. Apart from taking care of me physically, she also provided me with the mental and emotional support I needed during this pandemic. She cracked the funniest jokes and laughed her heart out in an effort to ease my tension. She made me realise that family is not just an important thing, it's everything. I hope I will always be able to give her the same love that she has given me not only in this lockdown, but throughout my life. I am so proud to say that my Grandma is my hero, always.