Preksha's 2020 Hero is her Grandmother

Preksha says: "My grandmother, my 2020 hero! My grandmother, Shanta Kothari, is full of love, life and warmth. During the lockdown I got to spend a lot of time with my family, which brought me amd my grandmother closer. She is my hero because she never stops learning and living in the moment. Recently, she started learning to use a smartphone, speaking in english, and playing carrom. She never hesitates to ask questions and patiently learn. She loves to meet people, and talking to people makes her feel alive. Due to COVID-19, she sometimes wasn't able to meet anyone and had to stay at home. She gets bored but she found her own ways to pass time such as by doing household chores, videocalling relatives, watching youtube videos, and many other things. I am grateful for her and this is a photo of her swinging and telling us anecdotes from her childhood."