Geetika's 2020 Hero is her Mother

Geetika says: "This is my mother, Kanak Bhandari, during her early morning prayer. As we all know, the 2020 pandemic brought everyone to a standstill. It would've been impossible for me to get through the year if it wasn't for my mother. Her calm nature was something which helped me sail through this pandemic. She would call me several times in a day just to ask how I was doing. Not to forget the several hours of video calls teaching me how to cook a certain vegetable right or how to multitask and handle my work along with my daily household chores. Her calm face and innocent smile brought peace to the hurricane of emotions I would have being alone in the house. Be it her problem-solving techniques or the patience to listen to me describe the same problem for the 100th time and saying, "don't worry, you'll do it beta!", she was always there despite not being there. So, I would say that she is my 2020 hero."