Supriya's 2020 Hero is Kumari, the Domestic Help

Supriya says: "Stories of the unsung heroes among us continue to influence young people's minds like mine in ways that eccentric fairy tales or self-help books can't. One such hero happens to my neighbor's domestic help, Kumari. She was a mother of two, one of whom tragically passed away in an accident many years ago. Now, she is the sole caretaker of her grandchildren and her family. She loves taking part in church charity events and rangoli competitions. It is amazing how she does everything on her own with an impeccable caliber. She's a strong, independent and diligent woman, and is a powerhouse of inspiration to me. She represents to me a mountain of fortitude and will that radiates hope and positivity to all those in her vicinity. She is truly a blessing we do not deserve but are gifted with in kindness by providence.