Amish's 2020 Hero is Burkhi Bai

Amish says: "Bhurki Bai is the definition of women who overcome every challenge life throws at them. She was born in a nomadic family in a the hilly village of Alsigarh, near Udaipur. She had only one piece of garment for most of her childhood, she never went to school, and she was married off to a family where women weren't allowed to work. Her husband only had a small field where he grew wheat. Alsigarh is severely affected by drought – the temperatures are extreme. Despite that, she learned agriculture techniques, became sarpanch, and helped other women in the village by inspiring them to learn the science of agriculture. She even started the trend of horticulture in the village, and now the whole village is a hub for supplying various flowers. The lockdown proved fatal for her business – she wasn't able to sell her flowers to the market, but she didn't give up. She is now learning more about sewing and animal husbandry. She is a hero we all should take inspiration from.