Deepika's 2020 Hero is Prabhu, her husband

Deepika says: “Cherry’s (Shih Tzu breed) tummy was bloated like a balloon! Something had happened to Cherry’s tummy, it was 'like a football'. By the time my husband Prabhu arrived at the spot, Cherry had become pale and limp. Prabhu immediately reacted and rushed to the hospital, so that Cherry wouldn't die due to chest congestion. The doctor quickly examined Cherry, and deflated Cherry’s stomach. Surprisingly, a gush of air followed by fluid was coming out of his stomach. After this procedure, Cherry became a little better. The doctor suggested immediate surgery as Cherry's stomach was obstructed. The doctor asked us to be prepared since the chances of survival were only 50%, since Cherry was of a small breed and they had never come across such cases in small breeds. And the surgery was successful. I would say everyone who took time to save the little poor being are unsung heroes of my life, but my husband Prabhu is my real hero who acted timely to save our pet dog! He respects every being and treats them all unconditionally. This was not the first time he had saved a dog, he had earlier saved a stray dog who had had an accident.