Krithika's 2020 Hero is Mageshwari Sudhakar, her aunt

Krithika says: " My hero is my Chitti (Aunt), Mageshwari Sudhakar, who in these tough times goes to work to save lives. She has worked in Rajiv Gandhi hospital for several years but says she has never seen anything like COVID-19. Now, she works as a frontline worker in the corona ward. She works for 14 days continuously, gets one week off to quarantine, and again this routine continues. My respect for her grew even more after watching her working during the COVID period. She did not miss even a single day of work to help others. I can’t imagine the amount of courage and determination it would have taken for her to go to hospital every day. She made our family very proud. She is my 2020 hero. I love you Chitti!