Sandhya's 2020 Hero is Arjun Bafna, an entrepreneur

Sandhya says: "Bafna Group is super headed by Arjun Bafna - a young and motivated entrepreneur with an MBA from Columbia University, New York. He has the skill to run businesses in multiple industries. The Bafna health care group was incorporated in 2005 to provide immediate and speedy emergency services to all. During the COVID phase, our group realized the importance of slowing down the spread of the virus and providing a safe work environment for people heading back to work. They created sanitization tunnels which would eliminate the virus on the body and clothes. Mobile isolation rooms were created for COVID patients with all requirements to ensure proper and full care of patients. These mobile rooms can be transported to remote towns and villages where the next phase of infection was expected. They also realized that while all state capabilities were employed to help COVID patients, they had to create a safe and speedy transport to non-COVID patients seeking emergency services for other life threatening situations. The Bafna Healthcare group deployed more than 100 ambulances towards this. On a personal level, Arjun Bafna has provided food daily to children in Orrisa for an extended period of time.