Shraddha's 2020 Hero is Anushka

Shraddha says: "Keeper of my sanity, Anushka, is my new lockdown best friend. She accompanies me every morning for walks near her hamlet in Maharashtra’s Palghar district where malnutrition has increased during COVID-19 by 2% among tribal children. The five-year-old picks up Mahua flowers on the way as we recite numbers till hundred. On one of our walks this little one made two leaf garlands — one for her ‘gudiya’ and another for me, a gesture that helped my touch-starved self get through a particularly exhausting week of struggling with anxiety. In her forever bright-coloured clothes, Anushka takes pride in matching bangles with her shirts. After her father lost his job as a construction labourer, the family has been depending on Anushka’s mother to earn a livelihood by selling alcohol made of Mahua flowers.