Tarana's 2020 Hero is Vidya Shivdas, Director FICA

Tarana says:My 2020 Hero is Vidya Shivadas. As India went into lockdown in March, we watched the exodus of the migrant workers with horrific dismay and gratitude at the same time for the home and shelter we ourselves were fortunate to have. As a foundation, we collectively decided to initiate a fundraiser, the proceeds of which would go towards the rehabilitation of the migrant workers. While the entire art community came together to support it, it was the Director of FICA (The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art) Vidya who decided that every single rupee collected would be donated and nothing would be charged for even the arduous administrative work put in. She worked tirelessly for over two months to ensure that a generous amount was raised for this cause while knowing fully well that her own foundation, based on pure philanthropic contributions, would not have any means to collect funds to sustain its annual activities. Working selflessly towards improving the plight of others while not thinking about her own challenges is what makes Vidya Shivadas my 2020 Hero. She has both humbled me and inspired me this year.