Amitava's 2020 Hero is Shanti di, his house help

Amitava says: "Shanti di was our long time domestic help for the prolonged period of 1999-2019. She was very serious about her only son’s education and took no pain even after toiling on a’s daily chores to look after his studies. Her unstinted zeal throughout the early periods had yielded the result of her only son being selected as a medical student who completed his internship during early 2019. She inspired her son not to immediately join a corporate healthcare instead of a civil one. This boy has dedicated himself to being a doctor for commoners now and is continuing to provide tremendous medical support during the COVID pandemic with the local authorities. In my view, Shanti di's philanthropic spirit during earlier years was the main impetus and ingredient of the present day masses benefitting, and without her holistic past involvement, it would not have been possible. So my hero of 2020 is SHANTI DI.