Vijay's 2020 Hero is Mujtaba Askari, his friend and Founder of Helping Hand Foundation

Vijay says: "There are many achievers from my high school in Hyderabad such as parliamentarian (and my junior by a year) Asaduddin Owaisi and my senior by a couple of years – Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. But my hero is my friend and batchmate Mujtaba Askari who gave up his engineering career to devote himself full-time to social service. His NGO Helping Hand Foundation works with18 public hospitals, has enabled free tests, medication and surgeries worth crores. During COVID they have also arranged protection for health workers, successfully lobbied government for an alternative testing and treatment strategy, arranged last rites for the deceased, and developed innovations in rehabilitation of COVID patients that are being replicated by prominent hospital chains in metro cities. Mujtaba is now collaborating with Edinburgh University to formulate a module on health inequities during COVID that can be used by doctors worldwide. Photo from when we last met in 2018.